Ditty Bag

This is not a how to, I just wanted to show photos of my ditty bag that I made years ago. Click on Images to view full size … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag Making the Handle for Leather

Ditty Bag Handle

I think the hardest thing about making the handle of the ditty bag is to make it different. I have done a number of rope handles for ditty bags and they all look fairly similar. So this time I decided … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag Leather Making A PT 1

This blog post is dedicated to Blake my chocolate Labrador, who sadly passed away unexpectedly on the 22/07/2014 during the making of my Leather Ditty Bag. Blake would lay next to me outside; he would absorb the sunshine whilst I … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag Making a

Ditty Bag Project

Ditty Bag Noun: a small bag used especially by sailors to hold sewing implements, toiletries, etc. These days the ditty bag is very common among knot tyers for keeping their tools and cordage in. Origin: 1855–60;  of obscure origin I … Continue reading

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Diamond Knot, Multi Strand Diamond

Diamond Knot Tractor

A rather nice decorative diamond knot that would look good on any lanyard especially on say a Ditty Bag Lanyard, even though it looks a bit like a tractor tyre 😉 So, #LetsGetKNotting … Continue reading

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Completed Decorative Knotting Projects That May Inspire You! #knot

Completed Decorative Knotting Projects That May Inspire You! I thought I would do a video on some of the projects that I have already completed. This includes; cat of nine tails, ditty bags, Turks head, star knot, Lanyard knot, wall … Continue reading

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Knotting Tools Video

I have put together a short video on knotting tools, actually it’s really a delve into my ditty bags and see what tools I have. If you are looking for a post that deals with all knotting tools then I … Continue reading

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IGKT Knotting Display at Waterfest with @WaterfestWey

Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Diver

The International Guild of Knot Tyers were invited to display and teach knotting skills at Waterfest Weymouth. What a fantastic couple of days it was too. This is one of those events where there is so much to see and … Continue reading

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My New Knotting Apprentice

A Chocolate Labrador Retriever called Bear OK nothing really to do with knotting, but I just wanted to introduce board followers to Bear. At the time of writing Bear is 10 weeks old and it is my plan to make … Continue reading

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