Marline Eye Splice

Marline Eye Splice, Tucked Eye Splice

How to Splice the Marline Eye Splice Marline Eye Splice, Lazy Eye Splice, Fast Eye Splice (More Secure Than You Think) The Marline Eye Splice also known as Contractors Eye Splice, Fisherman’s Eye Splice, Fast Eye Splice, Tucked Eye Splice, … Continue reading

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Cats Paw Eye Splice How to Tie

Cats Paw Eye Splice

Two Videos here, one on how to make the Cats Paw Splice and one on testing it against an Eye Splice Cats Paw Eye Splice How to Tie (Makes a Decorative End to Dogs Lead) Decorative Eye Splice. This is … Continue reading

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Back Splice Rope How to

How to Back Splice Rope. Splice – describes the act of joining the ends, or the end and a standing part, by interweaving strands. The Back Splice is used to stop the end of a stranded rope from unlaying.   … Continue reading

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Side Splicing a Rope at Right Angles

Right Angle Splice T Splice

90 Degree Side Splice or T Splice There are a number of ways of side splicing a rope, in this particular video I will show how to side as splice a rope at right angles. This process is not too … Continue reading

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Strength of Knot Chart

OK, I admit it, this is not the most comprehensive chart in the world. I am sure that there are better knot strength charts out there. I thought you might just like an idea of how strong certain Splices or … Continue reading

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Lanyard Knot – Multi Strand Lanyard Knot Jib Shackle or Soft Shackle

Lanyard Knot

Lanyard Knot: A rather elegant knot that is tied into a end of multi-strand rope or cord. Works well in a three strand rope, but in this video I show how I used it to make a Soft Shackle or … Continue reading

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Monkey Fist Heaving Line or Monkey Fist Key Fob? How to Tie

How to tie the Monkey’s Fist for a Heaving Line or as a Decorative Monkey’s Fist Key Fob. In this video I will show you how to tie the Monkey’s Fist knot. I will be using a large diameter rope, … Continue reading

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Constrictor Knot Tying with Working End & Folded Method – How to Tie

How to Tie the Constrictor Knot Using the Working End and the Folded Method. This knot is more a tool than merely a knot, the constrictor knot has perhaps more uses than any other single knot and should rank highly … Continue reading

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Eye Splicing Rope

Eye Splicing or Eye Splice a Rope, a short tutorial on how to put an eye splice into a rope. Splice: a method interweaving strands to rope so was to join them or strands of two parts the same rope … Continue reading

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Decorative Lanyard with Paracord Making a

Lanyard Parcord

Fancy Lanyard I can take no credit at all for the design of this Lanyard, this is one of Des Pawson’s projects, from his book which can be purchased from this page: Des Pawson’s Knot Craft I did however follow … Continue reading

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IGKT Dorset Branch Meeting

When: January 13, 2016 @ 19:00 – 21:00
Where: Royal Dorset Yacht Club with IGKT, 11 Custom House Quay, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BG, UK

The next meeting will be held at The Royal Dorset watch Club, Weymouth  on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13th AT 1900 FOR A 19:30 START. Food and drinks will be available to purchase from Clint, the facilities Catering Manager. The Minutes of … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag Making the Handle for Leather

Ditty Bag Handle

I think the hardest thing about making the handle of the ditty bag is to make it different. I have done a number of rope handles for ditty bags and they all look fairly similar. So this time I decided … Continue reading

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Bell Rope Making the Tarred

Tarred Bell Rope

After I made my first bell rope (Making a Bell Rope) I felt very pleased with what I had produced. I made the mistake of thinking to myself, OK have made a bell rope I can now cross that off … Continue reading

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IGKT AGM New Presidents Speech

IGKT Presidents Speech

For those of you who were not able to attend the International Guild of Knot Tyers Annual General Meeting, here is an outline of the speech given by the incoming President; Antoine Leroy Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends, I have … Continue reading

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Ocean Plait Mat Making an

Ocean Plait Mat

I recently purchase 20 meters by 3/4 inch of used rope off eBay. It originally came form a crabbing boat off Brixham in Devon. The rope has obviously spent many years in all types of weather. As a result of … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag Making a

Ditty Bag Project

Ditty Bag Noun: a small bag used especially by sailors to hold sewing implements, toiletries, etc. These days the ditty bag is very common among knot tyers for keeping their tools and cordage in. Origin: 1855–60;  of obscure origin I … Continue reading

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