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Artillery Loop w Myerchin

How to Tie Artillery Loop, Man-harness Knot, Harness Loop

The artillery loop, also known as the man-harness knot and the harness loop, is a rather nice and easy way of tying a loop in the bight of a rope. From my experiencing of using the artillery loop, I have found that it is relatively easy to untie, even when it has been under a heavy load. I would say that it is not as secure as the Alpine Butterfly Loop, but the artillery loop is certainly a useful loop knot to know.

How to Tie the Artillery Loop Video

In this short video, you will see how easy this loop knot is to tie in the bight of a rope. In this video there is a bit of chit chat, so if you want to learn how to tie the Artillery Loop with any explanations, then scroll down to the next video.

What is the Artillery Loop Used for?

Artillery Loop w Myerchin

The artillery loop is listed in Ashley’s Book of Knots ABoK #153 and was originally used as a hand or shoulder hold for hauling and manoeuvring field guns into position. The artillery loop can also be used to assist horses or mules in uphill work or when additional help is needed.

How to Tie the Artillery Loop Video Tutorial

In this version of the video, you will get nothing else other than how to tie the Artillery Loop.


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