Knotting Tools Video

I have put together a short video on knotting tools, actually it’s really a delve into my ditty bags and see what tools I have. If you are looking for a post that deals with all knotting tools then I … Continue reading

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Bell Rope Keyring Making

Fender Keyring

Last night at the Dorset Branch of the IGKT held its monthly meeting in the Royal Dorset Yacht Club The theme for the evening was to make a decorative Bell Rope Keyring. 3 Strand Plait For most members this was … Continue reading

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Decorative Lanyard with Paracord Making a

Lanyard Parcord

Fancy Lanyard I can take no credit at all for the design of this Lanyard, this is one of Des Pawson’s projects, from his book which can be purchased from this page: Des Pawson’s Knot Craft I did however follow … Continue reading

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NAS Maritime Archaeology Course: Knots, Bends & Hitches 2nd-3rd July 2016 @NautArchSoc

Lizard Bullseye

Venue: Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth Tutors: Ken Yalden and others from the International Guild of Knot Tyers Course Aims and Objectives: Participants will be able to transfer the theory of knot tying to ‘hands on skills’, ranging from basic knot tying, … Continue reading

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IGKT Dorset Branch Inaugural Meeting

TS Pelican

On the 14 October the Dorset Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers held its first ever meeting on-board the wonderful Tall Ship Pelican. The Solent Branch of the IGKT had a stand at this years Waterfest in Weymouth. … Continue reading

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IGKT Knotting Display at Waterfest with @WaterfestWey

Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Diver

The International Guild of Knot Tyers were invited to display and teach knotting skills at Waterfest Weymouth. What a fantastic couple of days it was too. This is one of those events where there is so much to see and … Continue reading

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Bosun’s Whistle Lanyard Knot How to Tie It

Bosuns Whistle Lanyard Knot

Here is a quick video to show you how to tie the How to tie the Bosun’s Whistle Knot; Sailors Knife Lanyard; Single Strand Diamond; Two Strand Diamond; Knotting; This knot seems to have a lot of names even in … Continue reading

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Ringbolt Hitching How to Tie

Ringbolt Hitching Tutorial

Ringbolt Hitching Originally Ringbolt Hitching was used to cover ringbolts etc in order to prevent a rope from chaffing against the hard steel. It can also be used as a decorative cover for rope-work, or even to cover the metal … Continue reading

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Constrictor Knot How to Tie it

How to tie the Constrictor Knot

How to tie the Constrictor KnotTying the Constrictor Knot In this short video I will show you how to tie the constrictor knot. The Constrictor knot has to be one of the most used knots, and is really a good … Continue reading

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Matthew Walker Knot How to Tie

Sailors Whisk Matthew Walker Knot

Matthew Walker Knot Video I have done a short video on how to tie the Matthew Walker Knot: … Continue reading

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Knots to Learn to Tie when Boating, Camping and Fishing

Here is a selection of useful knots to learn Bowline Knot Tutorial Clove Hitch Tutorial Square or Reef Knot Tutorial Blood Knot Tutorial Clinch Knot Tutorial Palomar Knot Tutorial Sheet Bend Tutorial Taut Line Hitch Tutorial Two Half Hitch Tutorial … Continue reading

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Cockscombing Tutorial

Cockscombing Tutorial

How to Cockscombing Here I have done a short video on Cockscombing. Originally Cockscombing was used to cover parts of a rope to protect it from chaffing. However these days it makes a splendid decorative covering, and each end can … Continue reading

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My New Knotting Apprentice

A Chocolate Labrador Retriever called Bear OK nothing really to do with knotting, but I just wanted to introduce board followers to Bear. At the time of writing Bear is 10 weeks old and it is my plan to make … Continue reading

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Great Knotting Images on Pinterest

Follow IGKT on Pinterest

Great Ideas for Knotting Projects If you are looking for some great pictures of decorative and working knots, then why not take a look at the board that we are creating on Pinterest? I would suggest that you keep coming … Continue reading

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Star Knot How to Tie

Star Knot Tutorial

Video Star Knot Tutorial At present I do not have photo images on how to tie the star knot, but for now here is a video that I have done: Video Demonstrating the Star Knot … Continue reading

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Tie the Carrick Bend How to

Carrick Bend

Carrick Bend Tutorial The Carrick Bend is generally used when working with large hawsers or cable that do not easily create tight bends or tucks. The other good thing about the Carrick Bend is that it will not readily slip … Continue reading

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Sheet Bend How to Tie

Sheet Bend

Sheet Bend Tutorial Make a bight as per the second picture below. The working end of the black cord passes under the bite and over the upper orange cord. The pass the working end of the black cord back under … Continue reading

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Bowline Tutorial

Bowline Knot

How to Tie the Bowline This is classed as a classic seaman’s knot, but evidence would suggest that the Bowline dates back to pre-historic times. At the bottom of this post I have also included a video: As per the … Continue reading

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IGKT at Waterfest in Weymouth

Captain Jack Sparrow

First Ever Weymouth Waterfest The International Guild of Knot Tyers were luck enough to be invited to have a display at the Weymouth Waterfest 2014. The event took place over the weekend and the weather was glorious for the occasion. … Continue reading

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Current Archaeology Features IGKT

Archaeology IGKT

“Hot off the press” Current Archaeology features the International Guild of Knot Tyers. Sorry my pride took over for a second we were not so much featured but we did get a full page spread at the very back of … Continue reading

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