Backhand Hitch – One of The Best Securing Knots

Backhand HitchHow to Tie the Backhand Hitch

The Backhand Hitch is a superb knot for securing to a tie down rail or ring. This is a little-known knot, but is a good contender for one of the best knots to add to your arsenal of knots!

I understand that the Backhand Hitch is becoming popular in many different environments due to its securing properties.

What is the Backhand Hitch Used for

The Backhand hitch can also be tied whilst there is weight on the line. The Backhand hitch is also easy to untie even when there is a load on the line. Whilst untying the actual knot, a load can still be controlled due to the structural properties of this particular knot.

Backhand Hitch Video

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Backhand Hitch – One of The Best Securing Knots — 3 Comments

  1. Regarding to the backhand hitch: a really cool knot. I like to tie this with the gnat hitch instead of the two half hitches. So there is no chance of slipping or loosening…


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