Cheap Metal Fids for Your Knot Work

Cheap Fid**Very Cheap Fids!** These are not designed to be fids, as they are wine bottle stoppers. However they are cheap and if you loose one, you don’t really care. I personally have one in the glove box of my car and other places. So if ever away from the tools, I have a spare fid to use. Yes they are small, but they do work well. There are other models also:





Buy a Cheap Metal Fid Here:

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Prusik Bottle Sling – Prusik Knot Variation – How to Tie

Prusik Bottle SlingPrusik Bottle Sling – Prusik Knot Variation – How to Tie

This knot is mentioned in Ashley Book of Knots #1763. However it does not have a name and also I think the Prusik’s knot true potential was knot known then. The Prusik knot has become very popular as good knot that does not slip when under load.



🎀 Fisherman’s Knot:

🎀 Adjustable Jug Sling:

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Bell Rope Kit Make Your Own

If ever you have wanted to make a bell rope and felt a bit daunted by the task, fear not, here is the solution.Mikko Snellman has put together a complete kit to make a bell rope from scratch. If you watch the video below you will see exactly what you are getting and what you will achieve achieve.

Mikko is a superb knotter, and it is worth watching some of his other videos here: Mikko Snellman YouTube

To get a DIY Bell Rope Kit, just visit his website here: do not worry about it not being in English, just contact him via his email at the bottom of the page.





So click on the video below to watch how you will be making a bell rope:

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Ditty Bag

This is not a how to, I just wanted to show photos of my ditty bag that I made years ago.

Click on Images to view full size

Ditty Bag Back Ditty Bag Front

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HMS Albion Bell Ropes

I just had to share this with the world. I was sent these two pictures via Twitter from HMS Albion: New ceremonial bell ropes arrive – amazing!

You have to admit that this is very fine work!

Click on Images to View Full Size

HMS Albion Bell Rope HMS Albion Bell Rope

A new Captain joined HMS Albion yesterday, blow me over, he had a Twitter account. So I asked him if he could get the “Albion Twitter Comms Rating” to reply to my Tweets. Had a few replies in my in-box this morning.
I had the following reply:
“Good afternoon Knotter. TY for the ongoing enthusiastic support and interest. I have just seen your message to the Captain. How can I help?”
“Delighted for you to use the bell rope images on your website. Our bell rope which we will gift to Chester next week was made by the sailors on most recent LH seamanship spec course at RALEIGH.”
“The other ceremonial bell ropes were made by one of the riggers who gifted them to the ship. He wishes to stay anonymous so we have not given any detail”
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Paracord and Rope Work Finishing Solution Video

Finishing Solution

Paracord and Rope Work Finishing Solution Protect Your Work and Stop Knots Coming Undone

I thought I would do a short video on the finishing solution that I make up to project some of my knotting projects. Basically, I use the solution for two purposes. Firstly, I use it to protect some of my work from the elements, so it it gets grimy it can easily be cleaned. Secondly, it also gives me added protection on finishing knots, it acts like a glue to keep the knot secure. The solution in my case is 50/50 of PVA Glue and water, this can be adjusted depending on the work being done, as explained in the video


Get PVA Glue Here:


Click on Video Below to View

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Fishing Hook Hand Made

Fish Hook

Click to View Full Size

I just wanted to display some excellent work done by Steven Le Say‎ on FaceBook.

“After yesterday’s massive fishing hook I thought I would make one that I could definitely use. I’m going to make a few different styles of hooks and toggles then go and try them all out.
Penny for size reference”

I personally love this as it is really going back to basics. Hopefully I will shortly be able to give you an update on how well they worked – Is Steven a bitter fatter or starving hungry?

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Paracord Bracelet Mad Max Style for Girls – No Buckles – How to Tie

Paracord Bracelet Mad Max Style for GirlsParacord Bracelet Mad Max Style for Girls No Buckles – How to Tie. Not really, it was just the colours that dictated the title. This is a simple tutorial on how to make a Paracord Bracelet using the Portuguese Sinnet and the Lanyard or Diamond knot. This is probably the simplest decorative bracelet to make.


Get Your Paracord Here:

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Crown Sinnet How to Tie

How to Tie a Crown SinnetHere is a quick video tutorial on how to do a Alternate Crown Sinnet. For a Spiral Crown Sinnet click on the link: Spiral Crown Sinnet





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Two Bight Multi Lead Turks Head Covering Knot Tutorial

Two Bight Turks Head Covering KnotThe other day I went into the woods and cut myself a Thumb Stick or Hiking Stick. I thought it would be good to cover the handle with a Two Bight Multi Lead Turks Head covering knot. So here is what I did for the Turks Head




Click on the |Video below to watch tutorial

Paracord Supplies:

Permalock or Paracord Needle:

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Turks Head Chart

When tying a Turk’s Head you may want to know what Lead and Bight configuration is possible. The white areas of the chart show the what Lead/Bights can be achieved:

Turks Head Chart








Click the chart to enlarge

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Spiral Crown Knot

TSpiral Crown Knothis is just a very short video on how to tie a simple crown knot, this also produces a very simple Fender Key Fob.

Purchase your 550 Paracord here:

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Eye Splicing Rope

Eye Splicing RopeEye Splicing or Eye Splice a Rope, a short tutorial on how to put an eye splice into a rope. Splice: a method interweaving strands to rope so was to join them or strands of two parts the same rope so as to form an eye.

The efficiency or relative breaking strength normally to be expected for an eye splice is 95%.


الربط العين أو لصق العين حبل، قصيرة تعليمي على كيفية وضع لصق العين إلى حبل. لصق: كان وسيلة تتشابك خيوط لحبل ذلك للانضمام اليهم أو خيوط من جزأين نفس الحبل وذلك لتشكيل العين.

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Back Splice Rope How to

Back Splice RopeHow to Back Splice Rope. Splice – describes the act of joining the ends, or the end and a standing part, by interweaving strands. The Back Splice is used to stop the end of a stranded rope from unlaying.


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Marlin Spike Hitch – One Knot Turns into Slip, Loop, Stopper Knot and Much More

Marlin Spike HitchMarlin Spike Hitch – One Knot Turns into Slip, Loop, Stopper Knot and can also be used to join two ropes together. I am sure that Bowline purists will object to this knot, but I have to say that one knot that can turn into so many other knots, gets my vote.

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Adjustable Jug Sling Knot Bottle Sling Knot How to Tie

The Adjustable Bottle Sling Knot Bottle Sling Knot How to TieThis is a fairly easy knot to tie and is most useful for attaching a bottle to your belt or other object. So if you are sick of carrying your water bottle, then just use the adjustable jug/bottle sling not.

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The Call of the Open Sea, Best Knotting Book Pictures Ever; Book Review L’appel du large

L'appel du largeThis has to be one of the best books ever that contains beautiful artistic knotting picture’s!

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The Fender Book, The DIY Book of Fenders; Book Review

Rope Fender how to makeHere is a quick video that I did on The Fender Book, The DIY Book of Fenders.






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Round Thump Mat How to Tie

How to Tie Round Thump MatThe Thump Mat is not only decorative but also practical. On-board ships it was used to protect the decks in areas of heavy work and to deaden sound if something was dropped on the deck. Smaller versions of the thump mat also make decorative coasters for pots or cups.




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Old Rope Purchase eBay – unboxing – So Very Boring!

Old Rope Purchase eBay – unboxing – So Very Boring! I thought I would do a short video of some old rope that I purchased from eBay.

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