Kringle Mat Making a

Over the weekend I had a bit of time on my hands, and I came across some length of cord that I had laying about. So I thought why not make a colourful Kringle mat out of it. Des Pawson’s … Continue reading

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Decorative Knife Lanyard Making

Making a Knife Lanyard

I do rather like this particular lanyard because it incorporates a number of different skills, it can also easily be wrapped around the wrist or through a belt. This particular style of lanyard comes from Toss The Rigging Handbook. Toss … Continue reading

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Bell-Rope For An Old Four Masted Barque Making A

Herzogin Cecilie Ships Bell

Here we have an example of a bell rope made for the An Old Four Masted Barque by Ken Yalden. In this particular case the rope is made from 4mm 3 strand polished hemp. Starting at the top and working down, … Continue reading

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Learning Kumihimo at the IGKT Branch Meeting

Learning Kumihimo

Kumihimo Last night at the Solent Branch of the IGKT we were treated to Kumihimo; this is a form of braid making originating in Japan. The actual word in Japanese means “gathered threads” For more detailed information on Kumihimo Originall … Continue reading

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Ocean Plait Mat Making an

Ocean Plait Mat

I recently purchase 20 meters by 3/4 inch of used rope off eBay. It originally came form a crabbing boat off Brixham in Devon. The rope has obviously spent many years in all types of weather. As a result of … Continue reading

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Fender Keyring Making a

Fender Keyring

Fender Keyring Sometimes it is nice to do something fairly simple and quick, they also make a nice little gift for someone. In this particular case I used some blue colour line, well I actually used 3 x 70″ inches … Continue reading

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Monkey Fist Doorstop

Monkeys Fist Doorstop

Here is a quick present that I created over the weekend for someone. They wanted a large monkey fist to keep one of their doors ajar. When I created this one I decided that it should have a long loop … Continue reading

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Ditty Bag Making a

Ditty Bag Project

Ditty Bag Noun: a small bag used especially by sailors to hold sewing implements, toiletries, etc. These days the ditty bag is very common among knot tyers for keeping their tools and cordage in. Origin: 1855–60;  of obscure origin I … Continue reading

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Des Pawson’s Knot Craft Book Review

Des Pawson Knot Craft

Learning How to Knot When I first became interested in knotting, I searched the Internet for different books on the subject. To be quite honest, I had gathered quite a few books on knotting, but many of these books lacked … Continue reading

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Learning How to Sprang

Sprang Demonstration

Fiador Knot On Tuesday 11 February 2014 we had another interesting meeting at the IGKT Solent branch. As a part of the meeting, the homework set was the Fiador Knot, also known as the Theodore Knot, ABOK pg 201. Examples … Continue reading

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Bell Rope Making

Ships Bell Polished

Ships Bell I have always wanted to make a bell rope, but in my mind the biggest setback was not having a bell to hang the rope from. For many months, leading to years, I had been searching for the … Continue reading

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IGKT Meeting Long Foot-Rope & Pineapple Knot

Making Pineapple Knot

IGKT-Solent Branch Meeting On Tuesday 8 October we had another excellent branch meeting. As usual we were assigned homework, this time the knot to learn was the Long Foot-Rope Knot. This particular knot did cause some confusion as it depended … Continue reading

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Knots on the Canal

Stern Fender

How wonderful it was to have a weekend break on the canal near Bath. The weather was glorious and ‘Leah’ was a beautiful 54ft long narrow boat. We sailed from Bradford on Avon and headed towards Bath. The first thing … Continue reading

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Sailors Whisk

Sailors Whisk

Sailors Swab or Whisk In Des Pawson’s Knot Craft, Des mentions that Sailors would swab the decks using giant swabs made from old rope. Also scaled down versions were made to wash dishes and also used as hand sweepers to … Continue reading

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Monkey Fist Keyring

Monkey Fist Key Ring

Here is a little something that I made over the weekend. This Monkey Fist keyring was made from para-cord, covering a small cork ball. The pink para-cord is a Portuguese Sennit. This is a rather useful addition to a boaters … Continue reading

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Cat O Nine Tails

I have already made two cat o nine tails in the past, but I thought this time I would record my progress of making one. In this particular case I used polished hemp, white cotton and also some bamboo. I … Continue reading

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IGKT on HMS Victory

HMS Victory

Every Wednesday in August the IGKT Solent Branch have a display and workshop on the Lower Gun Deck of HMS Victory. It is a very busy day for the team, as the Victory attracts a lot of visitors on a … Continue reading

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IGKT Solent Annual BBQ


Last night was a superb evening for a BBQ, there was warm glow from the setting sun over waters at Fareham, and the smell of the BBQ filled the air. Members and friends gathered for the annual BBQ. There was … Continue reading

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IGKT at Gilbert White’s Garden

IGKT Gilbert White's Garden

It was a garden party where the theme was Victorian Games, as Knot Tyers we made it games with string. We recruted a Cat’s Cradle enthusist Ali, Ali was able to show folks a blast from the past, many Grans … Continue reading

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The Knotted Prawn

Knotted Prawn

Solent Branch on their second show of this summer season have had a good start. Priscilla turned up with a knotted Prawn from Brunei ,at the first day of the Model engineers show, just to whet our Knot Tyers appetite. … Continue reading

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