Eye Splicing Rope

Eye Splicing RopeEye Splicing or Eye Splice a Rope, a short tutorial on how to put an eye splice into a rope. Splice: a method interweaving strands to rope so was to join them or strands of two parts the same rope so as to form an eye.

The efficiency or relative breaking strength normally to be expected for an eye splice is 95%.


الربط العين أو لصق العين حبل، قصيرة تعليمي على كيفية وضع لصق العين إلى حبل. لصق: كان وسيلة تتشابك خيوط لحبل ذلك للانضمام اليهم أو خيوط من جزأين نفس الحبل وذلك لتشكيل العين.

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Round Thump Mat How to Tie

How to Tie Round Thump MatThe Thump Mat is not only decorative but also practical. On-board ships it was used to protect the decks in areas of heavy work and to deaden sound if something was dropped on the deck. Smaller versions of the thump mat also make decorative coasters for pots or cups.




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Completed Decorative Knotting Projects That May Inspire You! #knot

Cat o Nine TailsCompleted Decorative Knotting Projects That May Inspire You! I thought I would do a video on some of the projects that I have already completed. This includes; cat of nine tails, ditty bags, Turks head, star knot, Lanyard knot, wall knot, Crown knot and globe knots.

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Art of Knotting and Splicing United States Naval Institute Book Review

Art of Knotting and Splicing United States Naval Institute

Art of Knotting and Splicing United States Naval Institute If you can get hold of this book, I would highly recommend it! It is packed full of practical naval knots, plus a few decorative additions that sailors may have used … Continue reading

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Falconers Knot How to Tie (One-Handed Knot)

Falconers Knot

Falconers Knot The Falconers Knot is used to secure a bird of prey to a perch. Actually when I say secure, the bird does have a fair amount of movement until it gets to the end of its tether. The … Continue reading

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Clove Hitch Knot How to Tie

Clove Hitch

How to Tie the Clove Hitch A very quick short video on how to tie the clove hitch knot. A fast and easy way to secure a line to a stanchion or pole. This knot is often used to temporarily … Continue reading

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Figure of Eight Knot How to Tie

How to tie the figure of eight knot. From the Knot Book, written by Geoffrey Budworth and Nic Compton……”The essential knot to prevent a sheet of halyard running through a block, the figure-of-eight also forms the basis of many other fancier knots. It differs from an overhand knot in that the ends emerge from the knot parallel to each other, rather that at angles. It is so much less likely to seize up when tightened.

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Fisherman’s Knot also Double Fisherman’s Knot How to Tie

How to Tie the Fisherman's KnotThis is a great knot for joining two pieces of cord or rope of the same size. This is a very strong knot, but the downside is that it can be difficult to undo. This knot is also great for making necklaces adjustable.

The Fisherman’s Knot also known as the Englishman’s Knot, True-Lovers Knot, Waterman’s Knot and Water Knot.

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Monkey’s Fist Using a Jig How to Tie

Monkey Fist JigI had a jig made by a guy called PJ in the States. Here is short video on the jig and how to make a Monkey’s Fist knot:

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Two Bite Turks Head Lanyard Paracord How to Tie

2 Bight Turks Knife Lanyard

How to Tie a Turk’s Head Knife Lanyard This particular version of the Turks head makes an excellent knife lanyard. This is one of my preferred knife lanyards, as it is a little bit more unusual than the average lanyard. … Continue reading

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Bosun’s Whistle Lanyard Knot Keyring How to Tie

Bosun's Whistle Lanyard Knot KeyringHere is a short video that I have done to tie a simple keyring using the Bosuns Whistle Lanyard Knot Keyring. This is taken from Des Pawsons Knotcraft Book.





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Common Whipping How to Tie

Here is a short video that I have done demonstrating how Common Whipping can be used as a covering knot:         Click on the video to start watchin: … Continue reading

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