Anchor Bend or Nilsson Knot How to Tie

Anchor BendAnchor Bend or Nilsson Knot How to Tie This knot is more commonly known as the anchor bend, however, many Anglers know this knot as the Nilsson Knot. after the Canadian Angling author, and use it for attaching fishing hooks lures and swivels.

This particular ring hitch works exceptionally well when ropes and cords are wet and slimy. When ropes are wet or slimy then quite often a round turn on two half hitches is not suitable knot to secure an object.

This particular knot should not be confused wit the Fisherman’s Bend, as there is a subtle difference in the tying of the two knots.

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Anchor Bend

Anchor Bend

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Chinese Crown Knot Paracord Lanyard How to Tie

Chinese Crown Knot Lanyard







How to Tie the Chinese Crown Knot

Chinese Crown Knot Paracord Lanyard How to Tie.This is a nice simple and easy knot to tie. This knot is great for tying short lanyard to a knife. This Chinese Crown Knot Lanyard could also be used for other things such as a neck lanyard or a decorative piece of cord to secure something. Please note that although I used Paracord, it can also be made with other cords, natural or synthetic.

Chinese Crown Knot, Japanese Crown Knot, Japanese Success Knot, Rustler’s Knot, Friendship Knot, cross knot, and square knot. It is knot #808 in the ‘Ashley Book of Knots'(ABoK).

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Chinese Crown Knot Video Tutorial


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Anglers Loop or Perfection Loop – Quick Release Version – How to Tie

Anglers Loop or Perfection KnotThis particular version of the anglers loop is taken from The Knot Book by Geoffrey Budworth: Anglers Loop it may sound like a fishing knot, but this all purpose loop is useful for sailors too, particularly as it holds well in bungee cord, which wiggles free from many otherwise dependable knots, even the trusty bowline. Its other name is the perfection loop – anyone who uses it on a regular basis will know the reason why. With the introduction of synthetic ropes the anglers loop has come of age, it is ideally suited to today’s more slippery cordage and therefore well worth adding to your repertoire knots.

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Joining Two Different Coloured Cords of Paracord Together with Turbo Lighter Tutorial

Joining or Welding Paracord TogetherJoining Two Colours of Paracord Together with Turbo Lighter Tutorial. The Welding Method and the Interlock Method of joining Paracord.

In this tutorial I will be showing two different methods of joining Paracord using a Turbo lighter. This is especially useful when doing decorative knot work. The first process is not as secure as the second process, as this just involves welding the two end of Paracord together with the Turbo lighter. The second method is more secure as it incorporates the weaving of the two ends together.

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Triple Loop Bowline How to Tie Tutorial

Triple Loop Bowline







How to Tie the Triple Loop Bowline

Once you have learnt how to tie the common Bowline, then this Triple Loop Bowline will be an easy one for you to tie. When tying the Triple Loop Bowline, each individual loop can be adjusted to a different size if required.

Triple Bowline Uses

This can also be used as an improvised chair sling for an emergency rescue situation. This version of the Bowline can used as a multi-point anchorage for various activities.

Here are other Bowline Videos:

🎬 Bowline on a Bight:
🎬 Bowline:
🎬 Flying Bowline:

Triple Loop Bowline Video Tutorial

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Adjustable Neck Knife Lanyard How to Tie Tutorial πŸ› 

Adjustable Neck Knife Lanyard







Adjustable Knife Lanyard

One of the best knots to use to make any lanyard adjustable is the Fisherman’s Knot or the Double Fisherman’s Knot. The wonderful thing about the Fisherman’s knot is that it is so easy to tie, also the friction on the lanyard can be increase by tightening the knots.

Adjustable Neck Knife Lanyard Video Tutorial

This video will show you how I use the fisherman’s knot, to ensure that my MTech neck knife can be fully adjusted. This is very useful because there are times you don’t want the neck knife dangling in the way when you are bent over.

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Rope Making Machine or Work of Art

Rope Making Machine MikkoHere is a fine example of Mikko Snellman’s incredible skills. Engineering display, a sculpture, work of art or working model, whatever you want to call this it is a wonderful display. This picture depicts the process of rope making from cut plant to finished rope, what a fantastic way of demonstrating the process!

Click on Images to view full size.

Rope Making Machine Mikko

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Two Strand Matthew Walker Knot, Single, Double, Treble, Easy to Tie Tutorial

Two Strand Matthew Walker Knot Single Double Triple

Two Strand Matthew Walker Knot

The Two Strand Matthew Walker Knot, Single, Double, and Treble is relatively easy to tie. In this tutorial I will show you how to tie a couple of variations of the Matthew Walker Knot. This can be a useful stopper knot, or a decorative addition for a lanyard or knife lanyard. The thing to remember about the Matthew Walker knot is that you need to be gentle when tying it. Gently pull up each strand and coax it into position. The thing to remember is just keep going round in small steps and you will be rewarded with beautiful Matthew Walker Knot.

Multi Strand Matthew Walker Knot

If you are interested in tying a multi strand MW then click on Multi Strand Matthew Walker.

Matthew Walker Knot Video

Two Strand Matthew Walker Knot, Single, Double, Treble, Easy to Tie Video Tutorial

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Deluxe Paracord Key Fob – How to Tie

How to Tie a Delux Paracord Key FobDeluxe Paracord Key Fob How to Tie. In this video we are following (roughly) Des Pawson’s book to create this knotted key ring.

Knots Used:
3 Strand Plait
3 Strand Diamond Knot Crown Knot and Wall Knot
Alternate Crown Knot
Star Knot

πŸ›  Crown Knot How To:
πŸ›  Star Knot How To:
πŸ›  Des Pawson’s Knot Craft Book Review:

πŸŽ€ Purchase Des Pawson’s Knot Craft Book:Β

πŸŽ€ Desert Camo Purchase:

Video is in Four Parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Lansky World Legal, Survivor Two Tone, Mtech Tactical Neck Knife Unboxing

Lansky World Legal Folding Knif Un-boxingI love my Lanksy Knife!!!

As most of you are aware, I am not a knife person, but I thought I would share with you the Unboxing of Lansky World Legal, Survivor Two Tone, Mtech Tactical Neck Knife. My main purchase was the Lansky in order to assist me with my knotting and also as an EDC. After making the video I manage to cut myself on the Lansky, getting used to the mechanism was the problem!

Get a legal knife here:

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Alpine Loop Knot; Lineman’s Rider; Lineman’s Loop Knot; How to Tie

Alpine Knot







Alpine Butterfly Loop

Also known as: Alpine Loop Knot; Lineman’s Rider; Lineman’s Loop Knot; is the best of several loop knots that are tied in the bight and that are suitable for hauling in a direction parallel to the axis of the rope.

This knot was originally used by Linemen and especially telephone engineers. “It is absolutely secure and will hold from any point from which it is drawn.” (Burger).


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Cheap Metal Fids for Your Knot Work

Cheap Fid**Very Cheap Fids!** These are not designed to be fids, as they are wine bottle stoppers. However they are cheap and if you loose one, you don’t really care. I personally have one in the glove box of my car and other places. So if ever away from the tools, I have a spare fid to use. Yes they are small, but they do work well. There are other models also:





Buy a Cheap Metal Fid Here:

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Prusik Bottle Sling – Prusik Knot Variation – How to Tie

Prusik Bottle SlingPrusik Bottle Sling – Prusik Knot Variation – How to Tie

This knot is mentioned in Ashley Book of Knots #1763. However it does not have a name and also I think the Prusik’s knot true potential was knot known then. The Prusik knot has become very popular as good knot that does not slip when under load.



πŸŽ€ Fisherman’s Knot:

πŸŽ€ Adjustable Jug Sling:

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Bell Rope Kit Make Your Own

How to Make a Bell Rope

If ever you have wanted to make a bell rope and felt a bit daunted by the task, fear not, here is the solution.Mikko Snellman has put together a complete kit to make a bell rope from scratch. If you watch the video below you will see exactly what you are getting and what you will achieve achieve.

It has been sometime since I made this short post and I can now confirm that a number of people have purchased the Bell Rope Making Kit from Mikko. I have seen some of the results on Facebook and not only do they look good, but people are very happy with the bell rope kit they received.

Making a Bell Rope Kit

To get a DIY Bell Rope Kit, just visit his website here: do not worry about it not being in English, just contact him via his email at the bottom of the page.

I have also noticed since originally writing this post that Mikko also has other kits on his site for sale.

So click on the video below to watch how you will be making a bell rope:

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Ditty Bag

This is not a how to, I just wanted to show photos of my ditty bag that I made years ago.

Making a Ditty Bag

Making a Ditty Bag is a very personal thing. You may find that over time you will make a number of Ditty Bags. The main reason being is that when you first start out knotting, you have a desire to make a Ditty Bag (well I did). You then go ahead and make your first Ditty Bag and you feel very proud to have achieved that. Also at the same time, you vow never to make another Ditty Bag again! As you look at your new Ditty Bag, you remember all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it. Not to mention the pain and the newly formed callouses that now decorate your hands.

Ditty Bag Showcase

For many people the Ditty Bag is a showcase of the knotting and sewing skills that they have learnt and put into the making of a Ditty Bag. As time goes by new skills and knots are learnt. Also the memory of the pain of making a Ditty Bag has long faded. So you feel a need to make another Ditty Bag, and showcase your newest skills combined with older skills that you still love.

Ditty Bag

Ditty Bag

For more information about the Ditty Bag, click on one of the links or search this site for Ditty Bag.

I now have 4 Ditty Bags and I get the feeling that there will be another in the near future!!!

Click on Images to view full size

Ditty Bag Back Ditty Bag Front

Ditty Bag Book

Ditty Bag
Ditty Bag Book The Ditty Bag Book teaches modern-day sailors the art form of hand-making ditty bags to use on their own seaward travels.
Shop USA
Shop UK
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HMS Albion Bell Ropes

I just had to share this with the world. I was sent these two pictures via Twitter from HMS Albion: New ceremonial bell ropes arrive – amazing!

You have to admit that this is very fine work!

Click on Images to View Full Size

HMS Albion Bell Rope HMS Albion Bell Rope

A new Captain joined HMS Albion yesterday, blow me over, he had a Twitter account. So I asked him if he could get the “Albion Twitter Comms Rating” to reply to my Tweets. Had a few replies in my in-box this morning.
I had the following reply:
“Good afternoon Knotter. TY for the ongoing enthusiastic support and interest. I have just seen your message to the Captain. How can I help?”
“Delighted for you to use the bell rope images on your website. Our bell rope which we will gift to Chester next week was made by the sailors on most recent LH seamanship spec course at RALEIGH.”
“The other ceremonial bell ropes were made by one of the riggers who gifted them to the ship. He wishes to stay anonymous so we have not given any detail”
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