Fishing Hook Hand Made

Fish Hook

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I just wanted to display some excellent work done by Steven Le Say‎ on FaceBook.

“After yesterday’s massive fishing hook I thought I would make one that I could definitely use. I’m going to make a few different styles of hooks and toggles then go and try them all out.
Penny for size reference”

I personally love this as it is really going back to basics. Hopefully I will shortly be able to give you an update on how well they worked – Is Steven a bitter fatter or starving hungry?

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Paracord Bracelet Mad Max Style for Girls – No Buckles – How to Tie

Paracord Bracelet Mad Max Style for GirlsParacord Bracelet Mad Max Style for Girls No Buckles – How to Tie. Not really, it was just the colours that dictated the title. This is a simple tutorial on how to make a Paracord Bracelet using the Portuguese Sinnet and the Lanyard or Diamond knot. This is probably the simplest decorative bracelet to make.


Get Your Paracord Here:

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Turks Head Chart

Turks Head Bights and Leads

When tying a Turk’s Head you may want to know what Lead and Bight configuration is possible. The white areas of the chart show the what Lead/Bights can be achieved:

Turks Head Chart








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Turks Head Tool

The tools shown in the photo below are for making Globe Knots and Turks Heads. These actual tools came with the Turks Head and Globe Knot Cookbook. The Turks Head tool is the middle one and the outer ones are for making Globe Knots.

Globe Knot and Turks Head Tools

If you have the skills to make the Turks Head Tool in the middle, you may also be interested in this site Advanced Knot Grid. With this tool and using that sites instructions, you will be able to make many different Bight and Lead Turks Heads

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Eye Splicing Rope

Eye Splicing Rope






Eye Splicing or Eye Splice a Rope

a short tutorial on how to put an eye splice into a rope. Splice: a method interweaving strands to rope so was to join them or strands of two parts the same rope so as to form an eye.

The efficiency or relative breaking strength normally to be expected for an eye splice is 95%.

الربط العين أو لصق العين حبل، قصيرة تعليمي على كيفية وضع لصق العين إلى حبل. لصق: كان وسيلة تتشابك خيوط لحبل ذلك للانضمام اليهم أو خيوط من جزأين نفس الحبل وذلك لتشكيل العين.

Splicing Handbook, Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes
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Round Thump Mat How to Tie

How to Tie Round Thump MatThe Thump Mat is not only decorative but also practical. On-board ships it was used to protect the decks in areas of heavy work and to deaden sound if something was dropped on the deck. Smaller versions of the thump mat also make decorative coasters for pots or cups.




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Completed Decorative Knotting Projects That May Inspire You!

            Decorative Knotting Projects If you want to make some decorative knotting projects, then I would personally recommend the Book by Des Pawson – Knotcraft and Rope Mats that can be found in the Books … Continue reading

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Art of Knotting and Splicing United States Naval Institute Book Review

Art of Knotting and Splicing United States Naval Institute

Art of Knotting and Splicing United States Naval Institute If you can get hold of this book, I would highly recommend it! It is packed full of practical naval knots, plus a few decorative additions that sailors may have used … Continue reading

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Falconers Knot How to Tie (One-Handed Knot)

Falconers Knot

How to Tie the Falconers Knot The Falconers Knot is used to secure a bird of prey to a perch. Actually when I say secure, the bird does have a fair amount of movement until it gets to the end … Continue reading

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Clove Hitch Knot How to Tie

Clove Hitch

How to Tie the Clove Hitch A very quick short video on how to tie the clove hitch knot. A fast and easy way to secure a line to a stanchion or pole. This knot is often used to temporarily … Continue reading

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Figure of Eight Knot How to Tie

How to tie the figure of eight knot. From the Knot Book, written by Geoffrey Budworth and Nic Compton……”The essential knot to prevent a sheet of halyard running through a block, the figure-of-eight also forms the basis of many other fancier knots. It differs from an overhand knot in that the ends emerge from the knot parallel to each other, rather that at angles. It is so much less likely to seize up when tightened.

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