Blood Knot

Blood Knot

How to Tie the Blood Knot

In this short video I will show how to tie the Blood Knot. For those of you with a fishing background you will notice that this is probable not the Blood Knot used in fishing. I will do a video on that one a little later.

Cat O Nine Tails

Basically the Blood Knot shown here is used as a decorative knot on the end of a Cat of Nine Tails. The whole idea is that this knots purpose was to inflict more pain than just straight forward lashes. However, one comment on Youtube, suggests that cats used at sea did not have the Blood Knot included. There is a version of the Cat of Nine Tails known as the “Thieves Cat” which was only used at sea for those caught stealing from messmates. He also suggested that theĀ  “Thieves Cat” was used ashore by the army??

Basically the Blood Knot is a Double Overhand knot, but can also be trebled or quadrupled. Give it a go and see what you think of this rather simple but satisfying knot.

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