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Ashley Book of Knot (ABoK) This really is the bible of all knots, consisting of over 600 pages and over 3000 diagrams When you see a comment on a knot and it includes, ABoK #541 then you know that this is referring to Ahsley's Book of Knots, Knot Number 541. If you find that knotting is becoming a part of your life, then ABoK is a must have book. However, if you are new to knotting then you might find this book a little daunting. When I first got the ABoK I thought it was going to teach me every knot and how to tie them. However, as a beginner I found other books did a better job. Rating:
Knot Craft and Rope Mats: 60 Ropework Projects Including 20 Mat Designs by Des Pawson If you are just venturing into the world of decorative rope work, then this book is the BEST! However, even if you are a fairly experience knotter, this book is also for you. I have been knotting for a number of years now, but I still dive into this book for ideas and also to remind me of some of the knots that I have forgotten how to tie. As you can see from the title, this book is packed with projects and step-by-step guides on how to tie each knot. Rating:
The Marlinspike Sailor by Harvey Garret Smith If you are starting to build a collection of knotting books, then this is a great one to have in your library. It is certainly not the most comprehensive book of knots, but it does demonstrate some decorative knots, techniques and projects. This is one book that I often flick through for ideas or inspiration. Rating:
A Practical Guide to Tying Knots by Geoffrey Budworth This book contains 75 bends, hitches, knots, bindings, loops, mats, plaits, rings and slings in over 500 step-by-step photographs. So if you want small selection of decorative knots, and a larger selection of practical knots then you will find this book useful. Rating:
L'appel du large : Matelotage traditionnel et arts populaires marins This book is in French and sadly I do not speak a single word of French. However, this really does not matter, as the book if filled with stunningly beautiful decorative rope-work. The photography is superb and the decorative rope-work is inspiring! I often pick this book up and admire the photos and dream of producing work to the same high standard. It would seem that this book is hard to get hold of, but KEEP LOOKING it really is worth it. Rating:

Whipping Twine:

I recently came across this company that sells whipping twine and they are fairly local to me. So I popped down and purchased some to play with. It turned out to be great stuff, great quality and not at all pricey. They actually sell most of their stuff on eBay and have more than just the port and starboard colours shown below.

Click on Image to see full selection of Whipping Twine:

Whipping Twine

Click on the images to purchase.

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