Bowline, Dutch Bowline, Cowboy Bowline – Bowline How to Tie – Quick Tie Bowline Tutorial

How to Tie a Bowline

How to Tie a Bowline

In this Bowline tutorial we will not only be covering how to tie a standard Bowline, but also a very close relative the Cowboy or Dutch Bowline. In the How to Tie a Bowline Video, you will also be introduced to three different ways of tying a Bowline. When tying the Bowline, you will see the table top method of tying it. This will give you a better understanding of the actual shape of the knot. There will also be a quicker way of tying a Bowline.

How to Tie a Dutch or Cowboy Bowline

The Dutch Bowline or the Cowboy Bowline are considered to be inferior to the normal Bowline. The main difference is that the Bowline has the working end terminating in the centre of the loop. Where as the Dutch or Cowboy Bowline has the working end exiting on the outside of the loop. I did once ask the question as to why one was more inferior, but never really got a proper answer. However, some people consider the Dutch or Cowboy Bowline to be a better loop knot, as the working end does not interfere with the loop of the knot as much.

Dutch Bowline (L) Bowline (R)

The Dutch Bowline

In researching these Bowlines, I did come across an article which said that the Dutch Navy adopted the Dutch Bowline, as it was better suited for their needs. I often wonder why the Cowboy Bowline or the Dutch Bowline are so hated, I often use it and it has never failed. I wonder if perhaps people take less care in dressing the knot correctly?

Dutch Bowline or Cowboy Bowline

The Bowline – once you have learnt the Bowline you will be able to tie it in a matter of a few seconds. Once having mastered the Bowline you will find many uses for it as you go about your adventurous life. So #LetsGetKnotting

How Secure is a Bowline?

In general the Bowline is consider a good secure loop knot for general tasks. However, a Bowline can be given addition security by using the Ampersand method or Yosemite Bowline as examples of additional security.

How to Tie a Bowline Video

Traditional Rope Bowline

Traditional Bowline


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