Butchers Knot Canadian Jam Knot or Arbor Knot

Butchers Knot Canadian Jam KnotButchers Knot or Canadian Jam Knot

Not just for tying up your Sunday roast, but also a nifty little knot to tie up your bed roll. So #LetsGetKnotting –

ABoK #183. Butcher’s Knots are required in tying up “boned and rolled roasts” and in preparing corned beef and salt pork for pickling. After passing an end of twine around the meat a simple noose of some sort is made around the standing part of the twine. When this noose has been drawn up and held taut, the standing part is half hitched around the end. This is done by first taking a right round turn with the standing part around the tips of the left thumb and two or three adjoining fingers. The thumb and three fingers then grasp the end of the twine and the round turn is transferred to the knot, automatically forming a Half Hitch, which renders all secure.

How to Tie the Canadian Jam Knot


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