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    IGKT Dorset Branch Meeting @ Royal Dorset Yacht Club with IGKT
    Jan 13 @ 19:00 – 21:00

    The next meeting will be held at The Royal Dorset watch Club, Weymouth

     on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13th AT 1900 FOR A 19:30 START.

    Food and drinks will be available to purchase from Clint, the facilities Catering Manager.

    The Minutes of the last meeting is attached as a PDF file which I believe you can all read, and is copied below.

    International Guild of Knot Tyers – Dorset Branch

    Minutes of 3rd meeting held on 9th December 2015.

    The meeting was held in the Royal Dorset Yacht Club.


    Apologies were received from:- Matt Chivers, Martin Davies, Allen Dicker, Nicky/Harry Maynard, Barbara Stanley, Met Wallace, Stewart White.

    We reviewed the minutes of the 11/11/15 2nd meeting on the TS Pelican.

    Matters arising were:-

    Subs, Organising Committee & Guild Membership

    Subsequent discussion was as follows:-

    Subs – 50p per meeting as previously agreed. One fee would be paid for couples with no charge for school/college members.

    Public Liability Insurance – Covered by RDYC when on their premises. Need to pursue requirements when at outside events.

    CRBs (Criminal Records Branch) & present equivalents – useful to know if any attendees are holders & whether ‘transferable’.

    Suggestions for future meetings & training – Bell Ropes (esp the ending feature), ‘Simple’ Decorative Knots, Long Turk’s Heads, Tool Handle Covering Knots, General awareness & ability to tie ‘Simple’ knots

    Sticky Name Labels would continue for identifying attendees.

    We still need to identify disposal of accumulated funds should the branch cease activity.

    (Ed Note: deposit with Head Office Treasurer?)

    Please inform Mike or myself if any of you have recently sent off application forms for membership in order to keep our records up to date.

    General Activity:-

    Peter showed examples of the ‘Surrey Six’ & related knots & distributed instruction sheets. A discussion again followed on bowlines, methods of tying & variants.

    We finished with a fun quiz on Christmas songs & carols (didn’t sing them, thankfully!)

    Future Meetings:-

    As previously mentioned, Members are requested to further learn the Surrey Six & the contents of the ‘Knots & Splices’ booklet. We will continue to practice these and also develop methods to produce ‘simple’ Turk’s Heads.

    We also mentioned a “Dorset 12”; 6 more knots to add on to the Surrey 6 (if we wish to include those).

    Our format agenda for future meetings will be:

    Apologies for absence Discussion on previous meeting minutes Matters Arising Planned Activity, Talk etc There will be a refreshment break approx. halfway through the meeting

    Meetings will start at 19:30 on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (arrive from c19:00), finishing by 21:00

    A Reminder – OUR NEXT MEETING IS WED JAN 13th AT 1900 FOR A 19:30 START

    Programme activity ‘TOUCHY-FEELY’, some challenges on knot recognition & tying knots in unusual conditions!

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    IGKT Dorset Branch Meeting @ Ship Inn
    Nov 14 @ 19:00 – 21:00

    International Guild of Knot Tyers – Dorset Branch

    The Dorset branch of the IGKT meet at the Ship Inn, Weymouth Harbour.

    Arrival will as usual be from 19:00 for a 19:30 start at the Ship Inn, Weymouth Harbour. We usually have a drink in the bar & move to the upstairs room about 19:30
    Mike will be continuing on the ‘magic & mystery’ of Matthew Walker knots & we will continue to review the rigging display on the pub knot board.
    Sailor's Whisk

    Sailor’s Whisk

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    World Knot Tying Day @ World Knot Tying Day
    Dec 18 all-day

    World Knot Tying Day

    Use the Hash Tag: #WorldKnotTyingDay

    Clifford Ashley, who wrote the Ashley Book of Knots was born on 18 December 1881. So the IGKT members thought that it would be a good idea to make the 18 December World Knot Tying Day.

    Keeping the Art Knot Tying Alive

    The whole purpose to keep knot tying activities in the public eye. This year we aim to keep things simple, but we welcome ideas that may need longer planning for future years to celebrate World Knot Tying Day.

    Knot Tying Event

    This year, please tie your favourite knot and also learn a new knot. Maybe also teach someone how to tie a knot? Even teaching someone to tie their shoe laces fits the criteria perfectly.

    When you have tied your knot, please post it on your favourite social media site and Hash Tag it:


    For a chance to win a Mikko Snellman Tool:

    World Knot Tying Day

    “WORLD KNOT TYING DAY” – Giveaway
    To celebrate the first ever World Knot Tying Day on 18.December, Clifford Ashleys birthday, this brass, copper and Lignum Vitae pricker can be yours.
    The rules are simple: Learn a new knot, either yourself, or even better, teach a knot to someone else. Take photo of the accomplishment and post it before 18.Dec. After posting, make a comment to this post (in Mikko’s Group) with first available number, starting from 1 and you are in. On 18.Dec. the winner will be chosen randomly between entries. If you learn a knot to someone else, you can make an entry for that person also.
    Let´s brake a record with entries!
    Feel free to share.

    Join Mikko’s Facebook Group Here

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    IGKT Dorset Branch Meeting @ Ship Inn Weymouth
    Jan 16 @ 19:00 – 22:00

    More information will appear here shortly……


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