Carrick Loop

Carrick Loop Knot

Carrick Bend Loop

Researching the the Carrick Loop I found two variants, one in the Ashley Book of Knots and another shown to me. I have to now question as to whether or not, the version in ABoK 1033 is correct? The reason for asking this is that version does not follow the over under weave throughout the making of the Carrick Loop. However, the version that was shown to me is tied in a slightly different way, which perfectly resembles the Carrick Bend.

Carrick Bend ABoK 1033

Carrick Bend ABoK 1033

Carrick Loop Characteristics

One of the characteristic of the Carrick Loop is that like the Carrick Bend, it does not jam when it has been loaded. It is relatively easy to to tie and can also be easily untied. For additional security the Carrick Loop can be tied off using a Fisherman’s Knot.

Carrick Bend ABoK 1033 Text

Carrick Bend ABoK 1033 Text

How to Tie the Carrick Loop

In this video I show two ways of tying the Carrick Loop. Firstly, the way that is demonstrated in ABoK and then the way that was shown to me, seemingly more secure variant.


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