Cats Paw Eye Splice How to Tie

Cats Paw Eye Splice

Two Videos here, one on how to make the Cats Paw Splice and one on testing it against an Eye Splice

Cats Paw Eye Splice How to Tie (Makes a Decorative End to Dogs Lead) Decorative Eye Splice.

This is a rather decorative looking eye splice that is also adjustable. Even though this is an eye splice, I would suggest that this particular splice is only used for light or non critical loads.

This particular knot was taken from KNOTS for Beachcombers and Mariners – Ron Edwards. Which although is not a very thick book, it does contain some wonderful projects and little ditty bits of information.


Here is a quick video made by Inside Master Ropemaker’s @InsideMRM on Facebook who did the Cats Paw Eye Splice test

This short video shows the Cats Paw Eye Splice v the Eye Splice. This is just a one off test and is in no way a scientific test.

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