Chain Stitch Lashing – Securing Rolled UP Items – Umbrella Knot

How to Tie Chain Stitch Lashing

Chain Stitch Lashing: A great way of securing a lowered sail to a guardrail or boom. Or if you just want to tie up a rolled up item. If you have a bundle of sticks, then maybe you need the Chain Stitch Lashing to hold them all together. Easy to tie, even easier to undo! Actually, this particular form of lashing is so easy to untie, it can be done quicker than you can say “Chain Stitch Lashing”.

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Chain Stitch Lashing

How to Tie Chain Stitch Lashing Video

The wonderful thing about the Chain Stitch Lashing, is that it is a great way of securing an item like an umbrella shut. It can also be used to secure for example a sail to a guard rail. It is relatively easy to tie and the stitching can be as close or as far apart as required. The even better thing is that it can be undone as I said before quicker than you can say “Chain Stitch Lashing.” Why not give it a go, as it is so easy to learn.

What is Chain Stitch Lashing Used For?

Often Chain Stitch Lashing is used to secure one object to another. In sailing for example, a sail can easily be secured to a rail using Chain Stitch Lashing. If the sail is then needed, as quick tug and the lashing will come undone in an instant. Chain Stitch Lashing can also be used to keep a large umbrella close, making it easier to handle and store.

Chain Stitch Lashing Uses

I have mentioned a few things above that Chain Stitch Lashing can be used for. If you use it for other things, then please let me know in the comments below.

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