Evenk Hitch or Siberian Hitch

Evenk Hitch Siberian Hitch

How to Tie the Evenk Hitch

The Evenk Hitch or Siberian Hitch has become one of the go to knots in the world of Bushcraft. One of the great features of this knot is that it can easily be tied with your gloves on. It is also an exceptionally fast slip knot to tie! My understanding is that many Bushcrafters use the Evenk Hitch as their starting knot when putting up a ridge line for a tent or tarpaulin.

Evenk Hitch or Siberian Hitch

How to Tie the Siberian Hitch

My understanding is that the Siberian Hitch is only moderately secure and should not be used for critical loads. The actual knot is a type of slipped figure of eight noose. For me personally, I use the Siberian Hitch or the Evenk Hitch on a regular basis. It is just so easy to tie the end of a line around an object. I think I use it most when I am making a Purse Net or a Round Fishing Net. So often I need to put a toggled line through the ring and tie it off. I just love the ease at which the Evenk Hitch can be tied and untied.

How to Tie the Evenk Hitch Video

In this Siberian Hitch Video Tutorial, you will learn how to tie the hitch, even when you are wearing gloves!! This is the long version of the video. If you are wanting a short version see below.

Evenk Hitch Video Tutorial

This Evenk Hitch video is straight to the point with no idle chit chat:

Evenk Hitch Video Instructions


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