Farmer’s Loop

How to Tie the Farmer’s Loop Knot

I wonder if a lot of people do not use this knot, because of the way that it is shown in Ashley’s Book of Knots? The actual knot is shown as being tied over pole, maybe if it was shown tied over the hand then more people might enjoy using this particular loop knot? Once you have tied the Farmer’s Loop Knot, you certainly will not forget this one!

Farmer’s Loop Knot

According to Ashley’s Book of Knots the Farmer’s Loop was first shown by Professor Howard W Riley in a Cornell course pamphlet in 1912. This pamphlet is dedicated to the various knots that are used on a farm. The Farmer’s Loop also has the reputation of being secure and strong. Not only that, the Farmer’s Loop Knot is easy to tie.

Farmer’s Loop #LetsGetKnotting

How to Tie the Farmer’s Loop Knot Video

In this really short video I show just how easy it is to tie the Farmer’s Loop Knot. Also if you find the pace a little too fast, there second part of the video is a repeat, but in slow motion. Just watch this video once, and you will never forget how to tie the Farmer’s Loop Knot!

Farmer’s Loop Knot Uses

If you use the Farmer’s Loop knot on a regular basis, then please do let me know about it in the comments below. I would really like to hear, what you use this loop knot for and if you find that there are any characteristics of this knot that people should be aware of.

What is the Farmer's Loop Used For?

The Farmer’s loop can be used for a single loop in a line, or even multiple loops in a line. Common uses are where a series of loops are tied into a line, these can then be used as handholds if the ground is slippery or uneven. It can also be used to tie up animals to the loops. so as to keep them apart.

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