The Fender Book, The DIY Book of Fenders; Book Review

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How to Make a Fender Book

I have made previous videos and posts about making fenders, but thought that it was time to show the book from where I got many of my ideas from. I personally do love this book and it is one book that will always remain in my possession!!

Fender Book: The DIY Book of Fenders

This particular book is not always easy to get hold of, but the authors son Matt does still sell copies of this book. If you are interested in purchasing this book by Colin R Jones, them please do leave a comment below and I will get the relevant information over to you.

Within the spiral bound pages of this book, it shows you how to make various different types of fender. Not only that, it shows the knots that are used and also tell you how much cordage you need to make a particular sort and size of fender.

DIY Book of Fenders Review


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    • Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment.

      Had the following message from Matt:- “Thanks for your enquiry. The book is stocked by the Inland Waterways Association IWA and is also available from the International Guild of Knot Tyers IGKT. Alternatively I can supply you at £12 per book plus postage payment through pay pal. Hope this helps. All the best, Matt Jones: “

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