Figure of Eight Coil

How to Coil a Rope

This particular method of coiling a rope is probably my preferred method. Firstly, the rope is double (folded in half). Thereby instantly reducing the amount of coiling required. Once the rope has been coiled, the original bight that was formed when doubling the rope, is wrapped around the coils. This not only locks the coils in place, but it also creates a nice loop from which the coil can be carried or hung from a hook. Also when the coiled rope is required for use, it is very quick to undo the locking part of the rope.

Figure of Eight Coil – Tying a Coiled Rope Using a Figure of Eight Finish – Easy Method of Coiling and Storing Rope: Yes, there are many ways of coiling rope for storage and this is just one of them. So #LetsGetKnotting

Figure of Eight Coil

How to Coil a Rope Using the Figure of Eight Coil Video

In this Figure of Eight Coil Tutorial, you will be guided through the process of tying the rope into a nice neat coil.

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