Globe Knot Turks Head Cookbook Review Video

Globe Knot and Turks Head Cookbook

Turks Head Cookbook

The Turks head cookbook is jam packed full of different Turks heads. it starts off with very simple turks heads and goes on to more complex turks heads. There are even some that do not look too much like the standard Turks head. When I purchased this book from Don Burrhus there was also a Turk’s head jig and cordage included.

Globe Knot Cookbook

At the same time as purchasing the above Turks head cookbook, I also decided to get myself a copy of the Globe Knot Cookbook. This book also started off with very simple globe knots. As you work your way through the book, the Globe knots become more complex, not only in the number of facets but also in the actual shape of the globe knot.

Globe Knot and Turks Head Cookbook Video

I have also placed a link to Don Burrhus website at the bottom of this page and also on my YouTube channel.

It would appear that since making this video the above mentioned books are no longer available from Don! If in the meantime you do find that they are available again, please do let me know in a comment below.

Alternative Turks Head Method

I am often asked about an alternative to the books mentioned above, as a result I have found this site that lists all the Turks Head Recipes. The only trouble is, that you will need to make your own Turks Head Tool. If you go to you will find simple and advanced Turks Head Knot Grids.

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