Handcuff Knot

Handcuff Knot Hobble Knot

Handcuff Knot or Hobble Knot

To be perfectly honest I am not sure that this would make a very good handcuff knot, I think that it is more of a novelty name. However, the Hobble Knot, is far more an appropriate name for this knot. Since posting this video on YouTube, a number of people have mentioned that they are aware of the hobble knot being used on animals. The whole idea of the hobble knot was that in days of old, Cowboys would use this not on their horses. After a good night’s sleep, the cowboy would wake up and find this horse still close by because the hobble Knot had restricted his movement.

The handcuff knot or the hobble knot on its own is not at all secure. By adding a half hitch around each loop makes the not more secure and less likely to come undone. Alternatively, if both ends are tied together with say for example with a square knot or reef knot, then this would make the knots even more secure.

How to Tie a Handcuff or Hobble Knot

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