Harness Bend

Harness Bend

How to Tie the Harness Bend

This knot is also known as the Drawing Bend or Parcel Bend. The thing that I like about the Harness Bend, is that once tied the knot itself has a fairly low profile. The Harness Bend is relatively easy to tie. In days of old, this knot was used to fix a broken harness. It is also a good knot to use when wrapping a parcel with string, hence the name Parcel Bend. Another practical use for this knot would be a quick method of repairing a broken lace.

The other advantages of the Harness Bend, according to Ashley’s is that there is no danger of the knot capsizing when under tension. This knot can also be tied tightly when the line is under tension.

How to Tie the Harness Bend Video

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