Honda Knot or the Lasso Knot

Honda Knot Lasso Knot

How to Tie the Honda Knot

Tying the Honda Knot actually consists of two knots, the overhand stopper knot allows you to control the size of the loop. The other advantage over the Honda Knot is that it creates a round loop in the end of the line, where as the slipped overhand knot, creates a oval loop.

In the photo below, you will see that there are two knots and then directly under them is a loop, this is the Honda Knot. When the working end of the rope is passed through this loop (left loop), then this becomes a lasso.

Honda Knot made into a Lasso

That is my understanding of how the lasso is made up. If there are any cowboys reading this, then do set me straight in the comments below, if I am wrong?

How to Make a Lasso

This is not a demonstration on how to make a lasso, rather it shows the actual knot process used to create the loop of a lasso. It would seem that a knot a lasso does not make, as the rope itself is also stiffened and waxed in a way to suite the end user.

How to Tie the Honda Knot Video

In this How to Tie the Honda Knot Video Tutorial, you will be guided through on how to make a simple lasso.

The Lasso Knot

The Honda Knot is a rather nice little adjustable loop knot. When you tie the first loop (prior to creating the Lasso) this in itself creates a rather nice fixed loop that can then be adjusted and locked.

The Honda Knot works well when used in a stiff rope as it forms a nice round fixed loop in the end of a rope. When the end of the rope is then passed through this loop a lasso is created. The Honda knot is strong, well strong enough to bring down a steer, one of the knots that has stood the test of time.

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