Icicle Hitch How to Tie the Icicle Hitch Using Loop End and Rope End Methods

Icicle Hitch

Icicle Hitch: Well it is that time of year for us here in the UK (COLD), so I give you the Icicle Hitch, Using Loop End and Rope End Methods. The Icicle Hitch is used when the pull is directly parallel in direction of the post or pole. So #LetsGetKnotting

How to Tie the Icicle Hitch

How to Tie the Icicle Hitch

Perhaps the Icicle Hitch is not the easiest hitch to learn to tie, well for me anyway. However, the Icicle Hitch is a good knot to learn to tie. You just never know when you may want to attach a rope to a pole. Even if the pole is very smooth, the Icicle Hitch should have no problems in gripping it firmly.

What is the Icicle Hitch Used for?

The Icicle Hitch is a superb knot that can be tied around a post and the hitch will hold firm, even if the pole is smooth. In the photo of the Icicle Hitch you will see that on the right hand side the direction that the rope can be pulled in to create a firm grip round a pole. I have see the Icicle Hitch used to pull fence posts out of the ground

How to Tie the Icicle Hitch Video

In the video below you will see two ways of tying the Icicle Hitch. You will learn how to tie the Icicle Hitch using loop end and rope end method.

Icicle Hitch Alternate Uses

If you have used the Icicle Hitch, then please let me know in the comments below. I do knot that it has been used to lift very long poles vertically. Also, it has been used to remove old fence posts. Just let me know how you have seen the Icicle Hitch used?

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