IGKT Dorset Branch Inaugural Meeting

TS Pelican

TS Pelican (3) COn the 14 October the Dorset Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers held its first ever meeting on-board the wonderful Tall Ship Pelican.

The Solent Branch of the IGKT had a stand at this years Waterfest in Weymouth. Many of the people visiting the stand were interested in forming a local branch of the IGKT. So as a result of this the Dorset Branch of the IGKT had its first ever meeting in Weymouth.

So with the help of IGKT Solent, Surrey, Bristol branches and special guest Geoffry Budworth the meeting was started. I think also a special thank you should go to Becky Simmons and the crew of the Pelican for not only allowing us to hold the meeting on-board the Pelican, but also for the excellent food and refreshments they produced from the ships galley.

Dorset IGKT Meeting

There was a good attendance from local people, who wanted to start a branch where they would be able to learn and share ideas relating to knot tying. The intention of this meeting was not only for people to meet up, but also to thrash out a few points relating to future meetings, dates, times and locations etc.

So as a result of the meeting, the next meetings will take place in The Royal Dorset Yacht Club on a monthly basis. We will be posting future events on this website and also the main IGKT website in the very near future. So please do come back and check when the next meeting will take place.

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  1. I am interested in attending your knot tying evenings.what is the next date for your meeting at t h e royal Dorchester

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