Jury Mast Knot

Jury Mast Knot or the Masthead Knot

The Jury Mast knot appears to be an odd little knot, as there does not appear to be any photos of it actually being used as a Jury Mast Rig. According to Ashley’s the Jury Mast or Masthead knot a loops to to which stays can be attached when Jury rigging is required after damage due to a storm or battle. Page 212

The diagram below shows the Masthead knot in place ready to receive additional stays. Wooden blocks have also been attached to the mast to prevent the knot from slipping.

Jury Mast Head Knot

Jury Mast Head Knot

There are three very similar ways to tying the Jury Mast knot, and in my demonstration would be according to Ashley’s the more secure way of tying the knot.

I think that in this day and age, this particular knot is a little overlooked. When tied and the loops are adjusted, the Masthead knot makes and excellent sling. So if for example, you have a heavy boulder or stone, this can then be rolled onto the knot. This then gives you four points from which the stone can be man handled out of the way.

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