Klemheist Knot or French Machard knot

Klemheist Knot

Klemheist Knot or French Machard knot

This particular knot is often used by rock climbers and Arborists. For thos of you that are familiar with the Prusik knot, will see the similarities between the Prusik and the Klemheist.

The Klemhiest is a form of slide and grip knot. Whereby the knot can easily be moved along an object (usually a rope). However when tension is put on the end, the Klemheist will lock in place. One disadvantage of the Klemheist is that it will only lock in one direction.

The Klemhiest is often used by rock climbers and Arborists to assist in the ascending a rope. The idea is that as a rope is climbed the knot is advanced up the rope. Then when the climber stops, the Klemheist locks in place and allows the climber to rest with the knot taking the weight.

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