Knotting Tools

Knotting Tools

I love my tools!!! So what tools do you need for knot tying? Well the simple answer is two………your hands. Eventually though you find yourself picking up something to poke, prod or pull the cord into the right position.

Knotting Tools

I remember at the very beginning if I was going to do this knotting lark, I could not do it without the right tools. So as well as starting to collect books, I also started to hunt down the right tools to help me to tie the perfect knot. Ha, ha, ha how wrong I was, the skill comes with lots of practice and the tools do help, but sometimes a Bic biro will do the job just as well!

There is a great deal of pleasure though to be gained from tying a knot using your favourite tool.

In my mind I decided that if I was going to do this seriously, I wanted to have serious tools to enjoy. After a lot of looking on the Internet I came across an American called PJ who made tools. After a few eMails back and forth explaining what I wanted, PJ sent me some beautiful crafted tools. They did not improve my knotting, but they were and are an absolute pleasure to use.

The grip fid came without a handle so I made my own using a bit of antler horn.

Monkey Fist Jig

The Monkey Fist jig is a beautiful piece of engineering; it sits on my desk and

Monkey Fist Jig

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spends most of the time being an ornament.

I think it happens to most of us, you want to just learn how to tie knots and you end

up collecting anything knotting associated.  The knots, books, tools, nautical and other stuff slowly fill a room, nudging out other stuff.

As for cut of strands, they litter the floor and put up a great fight against a vacuum cleaner!!

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