Knute Hitch

Knute Hitch

How to Tie the Knute Hitch

This particular hitch is rather beautiful because of its simplicity! It is extremely easy to tie and also very easy to untie. However, once tied through the eye of an object correctly, this hitch is extremely secure. I have found that if the cordage when doubled and pushed through the eye as tight fit, the Knute Hitch is very secure indeed.

Attaching a Lanyard to a Tool or Knife

If ever you need to secure a tool or knife to a lanyard, then the Knute Hitch will do the job perfectly. My understanding is that this knot came about when Briion Toss (Master Rigger), needed a way of attaching a lanyard quickly to his favourite marlin spike. Is marlin spike was actually named Knute, hence this is how the Knute Hitch got its name.

However, after a little bit of research I came across ABok 1965 ” A hitch to the eye of a hook, that was found in modern hay hoisting gear, as shown in the diagram below:

1965 To the Eye of a Hook

1965 To the Eye of a Hook

As you will see from the diagram above, this is not very far removed from the Knute Hitch.

Knute Hitch Video Tutorial

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