Lobster Buoy Hitch

How to Tie the Lobster Buoy Hitch

How to Tie the Lobster Buoy Hitch

In the video tutorial shown below, you will learn how to tie the Lobster Buoy Hitch. This video is part of the no chat series, so you will only learn how to tie this hitch. Once I have experimented with the Lobster Buoy Hitch, I will make a longer video to demonstrate how this underrated hitch stands up to hard usage.

What is the Lobster Buoy Hitch Used For?

Not many people know about the Lobster Buoy Hitch, I am sure that if they did, they would use this hitch more often. In one of my favourite books Art of Knotting and Splicing, by Day; United States Naval Institute, it does mention that this knot would be more useful if it were better known. Ashley’s Book of Knots 1714 mentions that John B. Cornell, of Cuttyhunk, used the Lobster Buoy Hitch for for just about every purpose, where a good hitch was required. The Lobster Buoy Hitch works extremely well when attached to large chunks of timber. The Cuttyhunk was mainly involved in the wrecking industry. If anyone knows more about the Cuttyhunk, please do leave a comment below. So from what the Art of Knotting and Splicing and Ashley’s Book of Knots has to say, this really is a good general purpose hitch.

How to Tie the Lobster Buoy Hitch Video Instructions

As mention above, this is the short and sweet version of how to tie the Lobster-Buoy Hitch. As soon as I have created a longer video, with additional explanation of the merits of this hitch, I will add this to this post.

Lobster Buoy Hitch Video

How to Tie the Lobster Buoy Hitch Comments

If you have used the Lobster Buoy Hitch, please to let me know how you got on with this hitch. I would love to hear how the knot behaved, especially when heavily loaded. Was it easy to untie when it was shock loaded. How well did the knot work when the rope was wet or slippery. Whatever you have used if for, do let me know?

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