Chest Becket’s Video by Mikko Snellman Making

Chest Becket

This Chest Becket Made by Jeff Wyatt









Making a Chest Becket

Making a Chest Becket is another beautiful way of showing off your decorative ropework skills! Often making a Ditty Bag is a good way of showing off your skills. This may also be more preferable to some people as you often travel around with your Ditty Bag. Mind you there is no reason why you could not use a Chest Becket as part of your Ditty Bag handle?

Normally a Chest Becket as the name suggests is actually a rope handle on either end of a seaman’s wood chest. Therefore making it more of a static object, and more difficult to show off your skills.

Making a Chest Becket Video

This is a short Video that Knotting Wizard Mikko Snellman has made, showing the process of making a Chest Becket. Please be advised that this is not a tutorial, but you will see many of the procedures on how a Chest Becket is made!

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