Ocean Plait Mat Making an

Ocean Plait Mat

I recently purchase 20 meters by 3/4 inch of used rope off eBay. It originally came form a crabbing boat off Brixham in Devon. The rope has obviously spent many Ocean Plait Knots Gordon Perryyears in all types of weather. As a result of this it is slightly frayed and sun-bleached. It has always been my intention to make and Ocean Plait Mat, so here is how I did it.

Knots by Gordon Perry

I have a copy of a book of knots written by Gordon Perry. So I decided to make the Ocean Plait as per the instructions in his book. As a project in itself, it is not too difficult to do. Even so the end result is very pleasing and useful.

One not of caution; to make a single mat, a fair amount of rope is required. For example the one that I created used about 12 meters of rope. I am sure that I can make something with the remainder of my purchase.

Making an Ocean Plait Mat

I basically followed the pattern as shown below:

 Ocean Plait DiagramI have to say that the rope did not smell at all when I got it, however, I was working outside and I got caught in a slight shower. I did notice that as the rope got a little wet, it did start to smell of the sea.

Here is the nearly finished article. Not quite complete as I need to tighten up a little and also add whipping or do a side splice to the ends underneath. Ocean Plait MatOnce again as with all images, click to view full size.

Just a few days later I decided to undo the mat and make it four passes, by doing this it used all 20 meters of rope with just a little bit left over. When I mean a bit left over, I would say that 20 meters is the minimum length to us for four passes.

Ocean Plait Mat

Ocean Plait Mat


Unfortunately the book by Gordon Perry is no longer available. However, Des Pawson has also written a great book on decorative knotting projects. The book is available on Amazon, if you click the link below it will take you to the Amazon page: Also available on Kindle.

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