Marlin Spike Hitch

Marline Spike Hitch

How to Tie the Marlin Spike Hitch

The Marlingspike Hitch is probably one of the simplest of all the hitches that you will learn. You will find that even in its simplest form, you will be using the Marlin Spike hitch a lot! If you are doing decorative knot work, you will be using the Marline Spike Hitch to tighten up your work. Despite it’s simplicity, the Marline Spike Hitch when created with a Marlin Spike or Fid, will not slip and give you a good grip to tighten knots.

Marline Spike Hitch #LetsGetKnotting

Marline Spike Hitch Uses

Marlin Spike Hitch – One Knot Turns into Slip, Loop, Stopper Knot and can also be used to join two ropes together. I am sure that Bowline purists will object to this knot, but I have to say that one knot that can turn into so many other knots, gets my vote.

How to Tie the Marline Spike Hitch Video

In this Marline Spike Hitch Video Tutorial, you will learn how the Marlin Spike Hitch can be used and turned into so many different knots and applications.

Marlin Spike Hitch
Marlin Spike Hitch turns into…


Marlin Spike Hitch — 2 Comments

  1. You saw about not using that method of tying the bowline (or cowboy bowline) in a life saving situation. However I know that the UK Coastguard do exactly that! I was shown to tie a bowline that way by a Coastguard Officer. The way we were using it (and how the Coastguard used it) was:

    You tie the marlinspike knot in the rope and then throw the rope you a stranded individual.
    They can wrap the working end round their waist, through the marlinspike knot and back on itself.
    They pull it tight and hold the working end against itself.
    Then as you hoist them up it pulls the rope through, rolling the marlinspike knot and creating a bowline.
    Then you can life them.

    Obviously this would be a last case scenario for the Coastguard. But for example if there isn’t enough space to get harnesses through etc or just to hold someone in place.

    • Love it when I hear about knots being used in action!! 😉 Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated.

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