Marlin Spike Loop

Lee Marlin Spike Loop

Lee Marlin Spike Loop

I recently came across this rather nice little loop knot on Alan Lee Knots on YouTube. As you may know from previous posts, Alan does have a habit of coming up with new knots or alternative ways of tying knots. I have to say the when I first saw the Lee Marline Spike Loop, it looked rather complicated when tied with all the crossing points. However, I reality this loop knot is so easy to tie.

What Can the Marlin Spike Hitch Do

A long time ago I did a video on the Marlin Spike Hitch and what can it do? If you enjoy knotting you may want to take a look at this video The Marlin Spike Hitch – One Knot Turns into Slip, Loop, Stopper Knot and More. Also with the new Lee Marlin Spike Loop and also a couple of other knots I have found since, I really need to update that video!

Marlin Spike Hitch

Marlin Spike Hitch Can Turn Into So Many Other Useful Knots

How to Tie the Lee Marlin Spike Loop

Here is a short video on how to tie the Lee Marlin Spike Loop, also don’t forget to take a look at Lee’s channel where you can see the loop being tested on his rope test rig.

Tying the Marlin Splice Hitch

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