Net Making – Making a Round Net

Round Net Making

Making a Round Net

In this little Net Making video tutorial I show how I make a round net. It does not take too much imagination to turn a round net into a nice net shopping bag. However, I only show that actual making of the round net and do not go as far as showing how to attach a handle to the net.

Round Net Pattern

Round Net Pattern

Round Net Pattern:

This formula is used to create the above pattern (less loops to make is easier to show)

Row one = 20 Loops onto the ring Row two – Net 2 Loops on the 1st loop/mesh. Net 1 Loop on the 2nd loop/mesh. Net 2 Loops on the 3rd loop/mesh and keep doing this pattern around all 20 loops/meshes. This will make 30 loop. Row 3 increase every 3rd loop in the same way making 40 loops. Row 4 Increase every 4th loop to make 50 loops and so on till you have the size you desire.

In this particular video I use a stainless steel ring as the core for producing a round net. However, there is no real reason why a small piece of cordage or netting twine cannot be used to to create the initial ring/loop.

The actual knot that I use in this video is the double version (I am sure it has a proper name), I prefer this way of creating the net as it seems a little more secure. There is no reason why the single knot method cannot be used to create the round net.

Net Making Single Knot Method:

It is important to ensure that the actual knot is tight above the end of the loop. If it is tied under the loop it creates a slip knot and the mesh can then move. Click on the link above to see the single knot method.

Net Shopping Bag by Drenka Lorenzin

I have to say that I really do enjoy net making, as it is very therapeutic and also it does not take too long till you have a nice decorative mesh patter appearing.

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Net Making – Making a Round Net — 3 Comments

  1. Sir want make 900 loof fishing net for hunting .
    so starting time how many loof i need .

  2. Sir i want to make 900 loof fishing around net
    with starting time how many loof i need.
    I am wating . For ur replay

  3. I followed the link to the twine posted above. What I got won’t knot and my net loops won’t stay locked. It’s size 18 nylon braided twine. Did I get the wrong stuff?

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