Paracord and Rope Work Finishing Solution Video

Finishing Solution

Paracord and Rope Work Finishing Solution Protect Your Work and Stop Knots Coming Undone

Decorative Knot Work Protection

I thought I would do a short video on the finishing solution that I make up to project some of my knotting projects. Basically, I use the solution for two purposes. Firstly, I use it to protect some of my work from the elements, so it it gets grimy it can easily be cleaned. I do use this solution on my Bell Ropes, then every so often I give them a quick wash and they are as good a new. Secondly, it also gives me added protection on finishing knots, it acts like a glue to keep the knot secure. The solution in my case is 50/50 of PVA Glue and water, this can be adjusted depending on the work being done, as explained in the video


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