Poachers Noose Knot

Poachers Noose

How to Tie the Poacher’s Noose

Scaffold Knot – Poachers Noose Knot – Strangle Snare

Also known as Scaffold knot, Carabiner Knot, Poacher’s Knot, Double Overhand Noose, Poachers Noose, Slip Knot for Poachers, Triple Overhand Noose, Double Scaffold, Two Turn Noose, Strangle Snare, Horsehair Noose.

I personally like this particular noose knot as it is exceptionally strong and the more pressure that is put on the knot, the more that it will snug up. I recently did a video on the best knot to use for a fishing magnets

In this video I will demonstrate on how to tie the Poachers Noose, however, it does not show the setting up of the knot to entrap something. I am sure that there are some videos out there that will demonstrate this process in more detail.

Poacher’s Noose #LetsGetKnotting

How to Tie the Poachers Noose Video

This video on how to tie the Poacher’s Noose, is just a short no chat version. The longer video with additional information is the next video below this one. In this video, I just demonstrate how to tie the Poachers Noose and then it is also shown in slow motion at the end.

What is the Poacher's Noose Used For?

Despite as the name would suggest, this noose knot is used for trapping animals, it also serves as an excellent everyday noose. It is extremely easy to tie and holds well in most types of rope. The Poacher’s Noose serves well as a good general purpose noose and is very secure. One example for using the Poacher’s Noose is to attach a line to a fishing magnet.

Poacher’s Noose Video Instructions

In this slightly longer video, you will be given more information than just how to tie the knot. You will also learn the difference between the Poacher’s Noose and the Scaffold knot, which is very similar.


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