Quality Cordage Belgium

Quality Cordage Belgium

Quality Traditional Cordage Made in Belgium

I was recently contacted by Edward De Wit, asking if he could send me some of the traditional cotton rope that he makes. Well, I have just opened the package and I can say that the rope/cordage is beautiful! As I pulled the rope from its packaging, I could feel that it is firstly, 3 strand hard lay cordage. It feels extremely smooth and it is the exact cordage/rope that I would want to use for traditional knot-work. I am really looking forward to using the rope in my next decorative project. Just as a simple test, I did tie a knot in the cordage and the knot held well and looked like I would expect to have that traditional look. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from using fine quality rope, I am certainly not disappointed. I just wish that you as the reader can feel just how good this cordage is. My verdict is; Love, love and more love!!

Quality Cotton Cord Belgium

Rope for Traditional Knot Work

I personally am a fanatic when it comes to using traditional rope/cordage to make decorative knot work. I have tried Paracord and different braided lines to make bell ropes etc. However, I find that there is nothing better than using good quality traditional rope for decorative knot work.

Getting hold of good quality cord/rope for many people is often a huge problem. However, it would appear that there are a growing number of people setting up micro-rope walks around the world. As ever there is a problem in finding these people! They are often forced into making their own quality rope/cordage to satisfy their own needs. By doing so they also find that they are in a position to supply their quality rope to others.

Small Belgium Rope Maker

Edward was in the situation where he wanted quality hard lay cordage for his knotting projects. Unable to source traditional cordage nearby, he set about making his own. The cordage that Edward makes, is made from 100% cotton. The diameter ranges from 2mm to 4.5mm diameter and comes in 10 meter hanks. Longer length of cord is possible on request.

Quality Cotton Cord Belgium

Rope Making Machine

The original rope making machine that Edward was using, was becoming a little old and tired. So in order to future proof his rope productions, this wonderful new machine was made. If I owned this machine, I would have it on permanent display and polished on a daily basis. I think we can safely say that, this rope making machine looks as though it is robust enough to last a few hundred years!

Rope Making Machine #LetsGetKnotting

Rope Making Machine in Action

Here is the rope making machine being put through it’s first test run. In this test Edward wanted to make polished hemp. For more information on the machine and the process, check out the videos description. If you have any further questions, then do contact Edward.
There will be more detailed videos on setting up and running a Rope Making Machine in the near future.

Rope Making Machine Video

Knot Work by Edward De Wit

The photo below sums up just how good the cordage is, that is made by Edward. I am sure that you will see just how good it looks and holds its shape.

Examples of Decorative Knot Work from Edward De Wit

Decorative Bell Rope

Here is a beautiful example of a bell rope, made by Joris de Jonge. This bell rope was made using cordage supplied by Edward. The combination of a good quality cord and the skills to tie a good knot, are needed to create a wonderful bell rope such as this.

Bell Rope by Joris de Jonge

Ordering Belgium Rope from Outside Belgium

Yes, Edward does post to other EU countries and overseas. All you need to do is contact him via the information listed below.

Contact Details:
I have put his email as a photo, just to stop email harvesters from spamming him.

WhatsApp – Contact:

Show Us Your Work

If you do use some of Edward’s 100% cotton cord, then do drop us a line and show us what you have made from the cord?

Quality Cotton Cord Belgium

Independent Review of Quality Cordage from Belgium

A short time after writing this post, I had the following comment on a Facebook group:

Comment About Belgium Cord


Quality Cordage Belgium — 2 Comments

  1. This is for Johnny debt. I recently saw your video about your finishing solution for treating your bell ropes and such. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this to you but perhaps you could try adding a few drops of liquid dish soap to your mix. What this does is breaks the surface tension of the water and makes the solution flow more easily into the material. This has often been used by model railroad enthusiast for treating ballast on the track with great results. Dries hard and clear. Just a suggestion. Keep on knotting and the good work. Dave.

    • Hello Dave, That is good information, I will give it a test. Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated. JD

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