Rope Cord Supplies from Mikko Snellman Ropeworks- Belfast Cord, Polished, Hemp Cotton Rope – Review

Mikko Snellman RopeworksRope Cord Supplies Mikko Snellman Ropeworks Review. Basically in this video you will be staring at a box and watching me open it. For most viewers you will want to slash your wrists after about a minute 😉 However, for those of you that are interested in obtaining “Belfast Cord” quality then this is the video to watch. In the box is some of the finest rope that I have ever had the privilege to handle! For those of you that do traditional knotting, then this is the rope that you really do want to use. All the cords are natural ranging from cotton to good old polished hemp. With this rope you will be able to make beautiful crafted knots such as the Turks Head or Star Knot.

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