Old Rope Purchase eBay – unboxing – So Very Boring!

Buying Old Rope

I often check eBay to see if anyone is selling all the rope cheap! There are a lot of traders that do sell all rope, but they seem to think that they can market it up at a premium. However, every now and again, there is somebody just wanting to get rid of all the rope.

I have to say, but I was very pleased with the rope that I purchased in this video. Since making this video I have a number of occasions managed to get some rope dirt cheap. I recently came across a seller who was selling a whole drum of rope for only £1, collection only. Fortunately, it was only a few miles away and I now have more rope than I can deal with.

When I managed to get hold of old rope, I usually make rope mats from it. Then just given away as random presents.

Old Rope Purchase eBay – unboxing – So Very Boring! I thought I would do a short video of some old rope that I purchased from eBay.

Old Rope Purchase on eBay Video

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