Running Bowline

Running Bowline

How to Tie the Running Bowline

The Running Bowline is a great noose type knot to use on the end of a line. If you can tie the Bowline, then there is just one extra step to tying the Running Bowline. The Running Bowline can be tied by firstly, tying the bowline, then passing the standing part of the rope through the loop of the Bowline. However, this can be rather tedious is you have a really long length of rope. With the method shown in the video, you will tie the Running Bowline in a couple of easy to follow steps.

Running Bowline

What is the Running Bowline Used For?

If ever you need a non jam noose at the end of a line, then the Running Bowline will perfectly suit. In Ashley’s Book of Knots, he mentions that the Running Bowline is thrown over anything out of reach or objects that are under water. For example any rigging or lumber fallen overboard can be captured using the Running Bowline.

The Running Bowline could also be used over the branch of a tree as a starting point for a child’s swing. This is fine if the swing is going to be permanent. However, when it comes to taking down the swing, undoing the Running Bowline up high in a branch, could present a problem?

How to Tie the Running Bowline Video

In this video you will learn how to tie the Running Bowline in simple easy to follow steps. However, if you want a longer more detailed video, then got the the next video below.

Running Bowline Video Tutorial

If you enjoy the longer videos that I do, with more chit chat, then maybe this Running Bowline Video Tutorial will suit your needs.

Running Bowline Experiences

If you use the Running Bowline, do tell me about your experiences of using it. Do you prefer another type of knot, has it been perfect for the job, or unusual uses of the Running Bowline. Just drop me a comment below and tell me your experience of using the Running Bowline?

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