Sack Lift Knot

Sack Lift Knot Sack Knot

Lifting a Sack with Rope

I am sure the this problem is rather rare these days. In fact a little while ago I wanted to get a couple of natural sacks for myself. It took me ages to find some sacks for what I wanted. I did find out that bird seed and peanuts often still come in natural sacks.

Sack Lift KnotHow to Tie The Sack Lift Knot

In days gone by I am sure that lifting a sack was a very common thing to have to do. So to that end I would say that the Barrel Sling would be great for the job if the sack was full. However, when you have a sack that has been opened, then the Sack Lift Knot would be even better for the job. The reason that I say “open sack” is that part of the knot formed uses the sack as well as the rope.

The sack lift knot is particularly easy to tie and also untie, even when it has been under extreme load. I think that this knot would also be useful for suspending sacks for a period of item. The one disadvantage is that the not becomes insecure when there is not a constant pressure on the knot. As soon as any weight is taken away from the knot is can easily become undone.

So here is a short video on how to tie the Sack Lift Knot:



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