Scaffold Hitch

Scaffold Hitch

How to Tie the Scaffold Hitch

Have you ever wanted to suspend a plank from the end of a rope? Well, here is the solution, the scaffold hitch. The scaffold hitch is a great way of suspending a plank from the end of the rope. However, I would say that this would beĀ  only a temporary way of suspending a plank, as the scaffold hitch could slip if there is any sideways force! The scaffold hitch can also be used on a round piece of dowel.

Perhaps, if a plank or dowel were to be suspended for any length of time, a recess cut into the wood for the rope to sit would give additional security and prevent the rope from slipping off the end?

Scaffold Hitch Video

I have to thank the Surrey branch of the International Guild of knot Tyers, as I copied their documentation of the Scaffold Hitch for the making of this video. In the diagram below, the scaffold hitch is finished off using a bowline. However, there is no reason that you cannot use your own favourite knot for the final securing of the scaffold hitch.

How to Suspend a Plank with Rope

This is for information only!!! I am sure that in this day and age, suspending a plank from a rope is not advised. However, in the interest of history and how it used to be done, then this is one way that a plank of wood could be suspended from a rope. Providing that the plank was level and remained at 90 degrees to the rope, this would make a fairly stable temporary platform.

Scaffold Hitch

Scaffold Hitch

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