Shake Hands Bend

Shake Hands Bend

How to Tie This Shake Hands Bend

I would say that this is a relatively easy bend to tie, providing that you remember the interlocking bd rule. However, I did find that when it came to doing the Shake Hands Bend, it did prove to be a little bit difficult to undo when it had been loaded. Since making this video, some people agree with me and others disagree. One person went on to say, that it could depend on the thickness of the rope being used. Another thought struck me, was maybe the way in which I dress the knot on completion? I did notice that when I just pulled on two lines, as opposed to all four lines, though not did look slightly different to me.

Shake Hands Bend

If you have had experience with this Shake Hands Bend then please do leave me a comment down below.

Shake Hands Bend Video Tutorial


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