Side Splicing a Rope at Right Angles

Right Angle Splice T Splice

90 Degree Side Splice or T Splice

There are a number of ways of side splicing a rope, in this particular video I will show how to side as splice a rope at right angles. This process is not too dissimilar from making a simple back splice in rope. However, prior to back splicing the three strands of the rope are firstly woven into another rope at 90 degrees.

When normally splicing a rope, if the rope is synthetic then a minimum of 5 tucks is recommended and 3 tucks for natural fibre rope. Obviously if the splice is going to be load critical, then the more splices the added security. I am not sure of the exact security of this splice, and you will have to do your own test.

How to Side Splice a Rope

Swedish Fid for Splicing

Often when splicing a rope, as Swedish fid is used to assist in the process:

USA Swedish Fid
UK Swedish Fid

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