Snake Knot Two Colour How to Tie

Two Colour Snake Knot Lanyard






Snake Knot Knife Lanyard 2 Colour

How to Tie the Two Colour Snake Knot Lanyard. In a previous video I showed how to tie the single colour Snake Knot: ?

In this video I show how to tie the two colour snake knot lanyard and how to hide the join, where the two different coloured Paracords are joined.

There is a video here on how to join Paracord: ?

How to Tie a Knife Lanyard Snake Knot Video

In this video I demonstrate the process of tying a very simple but effective snake knot knife lanyard in two colours. If you want a smart looking Knife Lanyard, then this is the a fine knot to decorate your knife with.

In this video I also mention the Diamond Knot: ?

How to Tie a Decorative Knife Lanyard

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