Splicing on to a Ring

Ring Splice Crown Method

How to Splice a Rope onto a Ring

There are number of ways to attach a three strand rope onto a ring. In this particular video, I demonstrate how to attach a rope on to a ring using the Crown Knot method. Once the ring has been secured to the rope using the Crown Knot, the rope is then spliced, similar to the back splice method.

There are a number of ways splicing a ring on to a rope. There will be other videos in the near future, showing different techniques of splicing a rope on to a ring.

Swedish Fid for Splicing

Often when splicing a rope, as Swedish fid is used to assist in the process:

USA Swedish Fid
UK Swedish Fid

Of course a rope can be attached to a ring with the use of some form of knot. The problem is that with some form of fixed loop may allow the ring to move to freely. Other loops such as slip knots could be used also?

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