Surgeon’s Ligature Knot

How to Tie the Surgeon’s Knot

The Surgeon’s Knot is also known as the Ligature Knot and it is a knot that I find myself using more and more. If you can tie a Reef Knot, then you will find the Ligature Knot just as easy to tie. It differed from the reef knot in that when first tying the knot, there is one extra twist. After that it is just the same as when you are finishing off the Reef Knot.

What is the Surgeon’s Knot or Ligature Knot Used For?

Ashley’s Book of Knots says “The Ligature Knot is considered by some to use more gut than can be readily absorbed in the tissues, but the initial Double Half Knot is not apt to slip while the upper Half Knot is being added. For that reason it would seem to be better than the Reef Knot.

I find that this knot is also very practical when wanting to tie up bundles etc. I also very often use the Surgeon’s Knot when net making. Sometimes, when adding more twine or changing the colour of the twine, a Weaver’s Knot or the Sheet Bend is not sufficient. So I will often use the Ligature Knot, as this holds tight and does not shake loose.

How to Tie the Surgeon’s Knot or Ligature Knot Video Tutorial

In this short video, you will learn how to tie the Surgeon’s Knot with no chat, just how to tie the knot.

Surgeon’s Knot or Ligature Knot Video


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